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Poet's Object, Artist's Book

Ferreira Gullar & Cláudia Ahimsa

Every good book tells the story of how one book leads to another.
Eliot Weinberger, in his artist's book “The Stars”, reveals that “One of the secret joys of a writer's life is there, in that unexpected way in which one writing leads to another.”

And that's how, in UQ!'s and from Urucum's handmade books, the reader can follow how paper collage leads to a series of metal sculptures and a book-object; a sketchbook returns as a sketchbook as a first gift, and book-object returns as a (posthumous) gift to him; a photograph that leads to an immersive photo installation, which leads to a book of collages; mourning is recreated in photos and poems; and a unique gift becomes a beautiful and unique edition.

These editions are the work of a creative partnership between the publisher and the notorious couple of artistic poets.


winged objects

Poems for Claudia

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