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Urucum – in English, annatto. The read fruit native from tropical America, used in body painting, in culinary and in medicine. In the Mebêngôkre language of the Kayapó ethnicity, urucum indicates a sacred plant, called pykoré, which holds a strong symbolism related to abundance. According to the young Mopa Kayapó, from the A'ukre village, when starting a swidden or in the installation of a village, an urucum is searched for: positive energy will flow from it.

In 2020, the first project by Urucum was launched, A Grammar, Momentary and Infinite. In fact, the first ever project joining original photographs from José Eduardo Agualusa and his poetry. A limited edition, in which each book object is a graphic art masterpiece: all printed in Fine Art, the text on bamboo paper and the photographs on rice paper. This same year we also launched boxes with drawings and poetry The many ways of saying "I love you" by Ferreira Gullar and Cláudia Ahimsa, as well as the project Before Touching the Sky with photogravures by Siron Franco and poetry by Augusto dos Anjos.

Our editions follow the rigorous craftsmanship and graphic quality of the artist's books from the prestigious UQ! Editions, with whom we have a link of origin.

UQ!, atelier of handmade books, appeared in Rio de Janeiro in 2014 and, has been continued in Lisbon. In Rio, it was published The Revelation of Avesso, a book-sculpture by Ferreira Gullar, and then the box with 32 graphic objects called galaxies by Antonio Dias and Haroldo de Campos. In Lisbon, Cântico Negro was launched in 2017, in which José Régio's poem won a re-reading signed by artist Pedro Cabrita Reis in 70 unique paintings on Bamboo paper – opened, each one measures 200 x 125 cm.

We intend to continue producing handmade editorial projects of excellence. Books more that are more than books, but true objects of art!

Our team:

I, Lucia Bertazzo, am a PHD student on Museology, with a Cátedra Unesco – Education, Citizenship and Cultural Diversity scholarship at Lusófona University in Lisbon. I have a degree on Design and masters on Visual Culture by Universidade Federal de Goiás. Between 2005 and 2010, I have worked at artist Siron Franco’s studio. In Rio de Janeiro, 2014, I inaugurated the UQ! Editions ( publishing house, together with Leonel Kaz. After moving to Lisbon, in 2017, the Portuguese UQ! Headquarters. I have developed projects on editions, curatorship, exhibition’s mounting.

I, Ana Bertazzo, was born in Goiânia and, in 2012, moved to Rio de Janeiro. My graduation was in Lisbon, 2020, and now I currently study Political Science and International Relations at Nova University of Lisbon.

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