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No Foot or Head

Roberto Magalhães

An original installation work with the spirit of freedom of Opinião 65.

It's time to cry out loud and clear the value of the Opinião 65 exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio, which made   known Antonio Dias, Vergara, Gerchman and  Roberto Magallanes. Because it is exactly with Roberto that UQ! and Galeria Marcia Barrozo do Amaral launch at ART RIO an original work-installation with the spirit of freedom of Opinião 65: “SEM PÉ NEM CABEÇA”.


What is this?

SEM PÉ OR CABEÇA is a set of artistic works that comes in a 70 x 50 cm acrylic case with 8 cm of depth.


Each case contains an original by Roberto Magalhães spanning 50 years of career: there are 62 originals chosen in a rigorous selection of historical importance and quality.


As there are two drawers in the case, one of them contains ONE BOOK  with the reproduction of all the originals (in large format) on 300 gram cotton paper: a rigorously handcrafted work. The other drawer contains a MYSTIC ROLL with Roberto's enigmatic writing, also ready to go on the wall.


The realization is by UQ Editions, with design by Lucia Bertazzo. As Leonel Kaz writes in the book: "Roberto Magalhães is perhaps the most Latin of our Brazilian artists, incorporating symbols, dissolved in time, of our Iberian ancestry. a tangle of traces and color pigments that originate in the artist's head. It's right there, in his apparently meaningless imagination and in his affective memory, that all this collectivity of monsters, beings or things inhabits."

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