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Mozambique Island and Lisbon, 2017-2023

20 Poems 12 PhotosBook - 34 x 51 x 3 cm

Editions in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Umbundu and French

Signed and Numbered

Papers - Hahnemühle Bamboo, Rice Paper and Fedrigoni Kendo

Translations - Daniel Hahn (English) / Gociante Patissa (Umbundu) / Danielle Schramm (French) / Teresa Arijon (Spanish)


The first book featuring original photographs by José Eduardo Agualusa and his poetry. A limited edition, in which each book object is a graphic art masterpiece: all Fine Art printed, the text on bamboo paper and the photographs on rice paper. All following the mark of UQ! Editions' handmade excellence.


The prints from Capulana covers vary. Since the production is handcrafted, the specimens are made according to demand.

Free shipping available for Portugal and Brazil. For other locations, please contact us

A Grammar, Momentary and Infinite - English/PT - Español/PT - Umbundu/PT

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