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Ferreira Gullar

Ferreira Gullar and Cláudia Ahimsa would see primary colors and abstract shapes everywhere. It took years of living together and exchanging views, thinking and creating a future book on Mondrian, so that one day Gullar gave Claudia 10 incredibly beautiful collages as a present: the Pós-Mondrian [Post-Mondrian] series.


These pieces comprised an installation by Claudia for the 2016 exhibition on the artist-poet in Rio de Janeiro. At that time, we’ve invited Gullar to edit this series of works. He thought it was a great idea, but passed away soon after that. The project has been finally finished by editora Urucum in 2021. All 10 collages are facsimiles. The originally handmade cut is now performed by laser. A careful work that packages the images into two leporello displays that come within a luxurious case specially made for this edition. Claudia ends her presentation essay with a hypothetical call to Gullar:


“This would be that phone call time… — Honey, could you come over? The world kind of came to an end. And our object-book is about to go to hyperspace…”

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