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Other Nature

Franz Krajcberg

For the first time, signed photographs by Krajcberg in an unprecedented frame-book.

At 95 years old, sculptor and photographer Frans Krajcberg is still restless, looking for color! Hence, ANOTHER NATURE has emerged: an object-book.


  • A photograph with a fire-etched signature;

  • Bamboo frame;

  • Museum glass;

  • Printing of only six copies of each image;

  • An amazing handmade book with 12 photos of the artist printed on Fine Art and cotton photographic paper;

  • Still in the edition, 16 photos by Walter Carvalho, taken at Sítio Natura, in Nova Viçosa, Bahia;

  • Large format 50 x 60 cm;

  • Precious wooden case;

  • Only original photos signed by Krajcberg.

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