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The Revelation of the Reverse

Ferreira Gullar

Gullar decided to reveal himself inside out in 60 works.

“These relief collages, which are shown here for the first time, were born by chance. In fact, I've been making collages for a long time. Initially, I drew bottles, teapots and goblets, cut out colored papers and glued them on top. One day, however, I had already put the clippings on the drawing to then paste them, when my cat slapped the sheet of paper and messed up the clippings. I glued them as they were: as a result, the design was order and the colored clippings were disorder", says Gullar.


From there, Gullar produced 60 works, which were transposed to steel in their original colors. Each of these works was made in only 3 copies (thus, there are two sequential editions of 30 works each). The embossed collage set plus handmade book comes in an important wooden case on which the cover is printed:


like a noise  



Up in the air


It was in this same way, almost “an unwrapping in the air”, that the relief collages were born, as Gullar says: “I was cutting out a green paper, when suddenly the reverse side of the paper, which was of another color, showed itself to be : I pasted the clipping anyway, that is, the green shape that I had clipped and showing the reverse side of the gray color that had unexpectedly revealed itself. And so the relief collages were born, which I started to make in a larger format. When some friends came to my house and saw these collages, they became enthusiastic (…) claiming that it didn't matter if I am a plastic artist or not; What mattered was that the relief collages were beautiful and original.”

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