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The Voice of Silence

Helena Blavatsky

A beautiful new edition

The “Voice of Silence” by  Helena  Blavatsky, is the translation of an original text in Tibetan language that deals with the spiritual path, from the first steps to liberation, where the important steps of the path are described. It is not, therefore, in its essence, a theosophical text.  

The Portuguese Jesuits when they arrived in Tibet in the 16th century. XVII, became aware of these texts and practices and somehow compared them with some Christian books and practices, which led to some confusion and misinterpretation. However, these contacts paved the way for a promising future in the research and translation of sacred texts.  

HP  Blavatsky  he was the one who most disseminated these initiatory sources to the western public without knowledge or oriental studies. More than a century has passed, and after false accusations, today we know which book  Blavatsky  saw and translated, a book that actually exists and is perfectly identified.  

Editions Monja D'arte.

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