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Daniel Mattar

It is a book that invites us to walk through the pulsating energy of colors.

The 4CM series started when Daniel Mattar realized that the plasticity he was looking for in his paintings was best represented in the photographs of the paint tubes. This path led him to create incisions in the tubes and, from there, paper clippings with inks, photographed and enlarged.


Coming from Rio de Janeiro, the art book publisher UQ! and Brisa Galeria celebrate their first partnership. The photos reproduced in the book were presented in the gallery in the last year; others, unpublished, accompany the book.  


The circulation is only 7 unique copies: each one presents a sequence of different images. The book contrasts the colors of the works printed on Hahnemühle's Photo Rag Duo paper with the black of Fedrigoni's Sirio Black paper.  The binding was produced at the Atelier Dreieck in Paris.

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