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Portuguese stones


Bruno Veiga

Graphics in photographs

Many Stones.

For many years I had the pleasure of living opposite Burle Marx's work on Avenida Atlântica, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Throughout this time, those drawings were inserted in my daily life in a natural way. I got used to beauty.

One day, in 2007, I received a call from a young architect named Iolanda Teixeira. She wanted to do a book about the Portuguese cobblestones in Rio de Janeiro.

Iolanda and I made the book O Rio que eu piso . In 2010 I went back to work, now in a project by the publisher Renata Lima that aimed to tell the path of the stones. I went to Portugal, where it all started. The book Carpets of stone , the result of this work, narrates the long journey of stones through history.

Over time, I unconsciously cultivated a new dream.

Who discovered it and made it real was Luiza Figueira de Mello, who told me: go there and do what you always wanted to do. I did and she edited Pedras Portuguesas , based on Burle Marx's drawings in Copacabana. I worked the master's work. A privilege. Thank you, Luiza.

-Bruno Veiga

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